Thermal characterization of new fire-insulating materials from industrial inorganic TiO2 wastes


Two wastes, red gypsum (RG) and unattacked ilmenite (known as tionite), from the titanium dioxide production industry have been used to study the possibility of manufacturing new fire-isolating materials, and for that they were characterized for mineralogical composition and thermal behavior. Tests have demonstrated that these wastes could be used for fire insulation. Thermogravimetry analysis (TGA) of the thermal behavior of these wastes and tests on the new isolating materials against temperature indicate that they do not undergo significant chemical and structural changes up to about 1000 °C.


► Physicochemical and thermal characterization of two industrial wastes coming from titanium dioxide industry. ► Waste from NORM industry. ► Valorization of these wastes in the manufacture of new fire insulating materials.