The Company

NORM Consulting is a technological based company, as well known as “spin off”, created within the Integrated Sciences Department at the University of Huelva, intent on providing technical and consultancy services to companies, industries or institutions requiring high level technological solutions to problems connected with natural radioactivity (NORM industries/materials/waste).

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) defines NORM (acronym for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) as all material with a radioactivity of a natural origin, but which potential has been increased by some kind of human activity, compared with an unchanged state.

In this sense, it can be defined as NORM industries those non-nuclear industries which either process raw materials with high concentration of natural radionuclides, or bring about, through its activity, the concentration of those radionuclides in some of its products or wastes. As a consequence, there can be an increase of exposition to ionizing radiation in workers, and consequently in member of the public, although in some cases, it may not be as insignificant, from the point of view of radiological protection.

We work, study and advice on the following fields:

  • Evaluation, characterization and radiological control of facilities and their wastes.
  • Radon measurement in houses and workplaces. Characterization of radon exhalation in construction materials.
  • Characterization and analysis of environmental and industrial matrices.
  • Realization of studies and projects for the valorization of wastes.